Solo Performances


  • Virtual Guitar concert and talk for the Bicentenary of Independence of Central America, organized by the Embassy of El Salvador in Canada
  • Virtual Guitar concert for the Chilean Guitar Society
  • Virtual Guitar concert of Salvadoran guitar music, for the Don Bosco Latin American Universities


  • Virtual Guitar concert organized by Escarsela Uruguay


  • Guitar Orchestra with Benjamin Verdery as part of Chamber Fest program, Canada


  • Classical Guitar Concert Cuerdas de America (touring: Regina, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Uruguay and El Salvador).


  • Classical Guitar Concert (San Salvador, Sonsonate) El Salvador


  • Classical Guitar Concert from the Americas to Spain (Regina)


  • Classical Guitar Concert “Cuerdas de la Historia” (9 concerts/touring: Regina, Cuba, El Salvador and Guatemala)


  • Mayor’s Arts & Business Award (Regina)


  • Ramses Calderon – Guitar Concert (El Salvador)
  • Culturefete, CBC Regina & Storytellers Festival, Sakewewak, Regina
  • New Music Concert Series III – “Winter Music”, Neutral Ground, Regina
  • A Place in the Family of Things: poetry of longing and belonging, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina


  • Storytellers Festival, Sakewewak, Regina
  • Indigenous Circle, CTV Regina (Interview & performance with Nelson Bird)


  • Cecilio Orellana Tribute Concert, Fundartes, El Salvador
  • Cultural House, Panchimalco, El Salvador
  • “Intersect” Performance (solo and collaborative performance), New Dance Horizons, Regina
  • Guest Artist – Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy Concert, Saskatoon
  • Cathedral Village Arts Festival, Regina

2006 – 2007

  • Ateneo, Paraguay
  • MukwaGeezis Festival, Association for Native Development in the Visual and Performing Arts (ANDPVA); accompanied by Mezzo Soprano Marion Newman and Billy Joe Green Band
  • Festival for Peace Agreements, Suchitoto, El Salvador (solo performer)

1996 – 2004

  • Various concerts in Canada, Central and South America
  • 2nd Movement of Aranjuez Concert for Guitar & Orchestra, Ensemble Orchestra, El Salvador
  • Performed popular music accompanied by Ensemble Orchestra, El Salvador
  • Various solo recitals, concerts, performances (Classical Guitar), El Salvador


Duo & Group Performances


  • Latin Blend, Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO) Special Concert Series, Regina (composer & musician)
  • “Codex Remix”, MAGDance2 (Curtain Razors & New Dance Horizons), MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina (composer & musician)


  • Quapelle Valley Summer Fest, Fort Quapelle (performed with Mama Llata)
  • acompanied Def3 (Danny Fernandes), Regina
  • Prelude for Sarah, multidisciplinary performance – collaboration with Cameron Lowe & New Dance Horizons, Regina (composer, arrangements & musician)
  • Storytellers Festival, Sakewewak, Regina (performed with David West)


  • Latin Flare, Regina Chamber Players, Government House, Regina (composer & musician)
  • Ramses Calderon with Trio Contrast (accompanied by Youth Orchestra),Teatro del Conservatorio de Musica, Guatemala
  • Ramses Calderon with Trio Contrast,TeatrolasRuinas, El Salvador
  • La Cofradia at Storytellers Festival, Sakewewak Artist Collective, Regina


  • Building Bridges, Conexus Arts Centre & Dark Hall, Regina (composer & musician)
  • Cathedral Village Arts Festival (Mama Llajta), Regina
  • Francothon (Mama Llajta), CBC, Regina
  • Storytellers Festival, Sakewewak, Regina


  • Fort Qu’ Appelle Summer Festival (Mama Llajta), Fort Qu’Appelle, SK
  • Batoche Summer Festival (Mama Llajta), Batoche, SK
  • Cathedral Village Arts Festival (Mama Llajta), Regina
  • Intersect, multidisciplinary performance – collaboration with Edward Poitras& New Dance Horizons, Regina (arrangement of music & performer)


  • Guest Artist with Rodolfo Pino Robles, Eleye de Cuba Concert, The Exchange, Regina


  • Material Arts & Design Graduates Exhibit, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
  • Educational Performance, Boy Scouts of Canada, Toronto
  • Black History Month –Educational Performance, SairBank Memorial Community School, Toronto


  • The Global Right to Water Conference, Toronto (with David West)
  • Festival for Peace Agreements, Suchitoto, El Salvador, performed with Luis Enrique and Yolocamba I ta


  • Toronto International Jazz Festival
  • Hispanic Festival, Toronto (2000-2005)
  • Salsa on St. Clair Festival
  • Several performances with Imbayacunas(Canada Day Festival-Hamilton, Barrie Summer Festival, Sudbury Festival, Taste of Little Italy and Taste of the Danforth, Toronto)


  • Gloucester Arts Council AGM, Ottawa


  • Jirart Group Exhibition Opening “United Artists”, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
  • Jirart Group Exhibition Opening “United Artists”, Columbus Centre, Toronto

2001 – 2007

  • Played with various musicians in Toronto and GTA such as ‘Surco’, ‘Imbayacunas’ and David West

1999 – 2006

  • Shared stage with performers including: Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy, Los Guaraguao, Yolocamba I Ta, Dinning Roots, Mark Nadjiwan, Cheri Maracle, Lucie Ildout, Billy Joe Green Band and Broock Stonefish

1994 – 2000

  • Annual Folkloric and Popular Music Concerts, El Salvador

1993 – 2000

  • Charango, guitar and pan-flute player for group ‘Xolotl’, various concerts and performances in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Cuba, Paraguay and Canada

1990 – 1994

  • Several performances with group ‘Tohill’, El Salvador
  • Founded folkloric musical group ‘Tecutunal’, El Salvador